Kris Chambers-Woodruff

Kris Chambers-Woodruff is an East Charlotte native that has worked continuously to improve his community on a local and global scale.  While enlisted in the Navy Kris served in Community Relations events in Africa, Asia, and Europe. After being honorably discharged out of the United States Navy, he moved to Arizona where he got involved in helping elementary school student with Science, Technology, and Math.  He later decided to become a substitute teacher on nearby Native American Reservations. Four years in the Phoenix Area, Kris returned to his childhood home and immediately got involved with his community. He joined the NAACP Voter Registration Fund with getting out the vote initiatives and volunteered with Friendship Trays to deliver meals to the elderly.  Kris currently serves on the Mecklenburg County Information Systems and Technology Board as Chair, The Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Access Channel Board of Directors and the Eastbrook Woods Neighborhood Association as Vice President. Kris’s hobbies include archery and he enjoys the video game series “Call of Duty”.

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