Liz Millsaps Haigler, CharlotteEAST Board Member, Secretary and Co-Chair of the PR & Marketing Committee


Liz (she/her/hers) is a native Charlottean and is passionate about all things Charlotte.  She is a proud West Charlotte Lion and loves the wealth of international culture on the east side.  Liz is a Realtor® with 5 Points Realty, lives in an original home in the Oakhurst neighborhood and volunteers on The Gold District board, the Housing Justice Coalition, and New South Progressives.  She believes it is vital for all citizens to participate in civics and encourages all to get started by joining your neighborhood group and meeting your local government representatives. Liz shares her marketing skills with CharlotteEAST to spread the good word about the Charlotte East community through the CharlotteEAST PR & Marketing Committee.  She is also a member of the CharlotteEAST Transportation Committee and an active advocate for alternative means of transportation on the underserved east side. Liz loves activism, art, and most any sweet treat. Her favorite phrase is West + East = WE.


Liz Millsaps Haigler  


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