Rocio Gonzalez-Zornosa

Born in New York City to Colombian parents, Rocio Gonzalez-Zornosa has enjoyed calling Charlotte her home since 1999. In her previous work in real estate, she helped many families obtain their dream home in the CharlotteEast area, and any time she is preparing a Colombian dish, she finds all of the products in the many businesses that provide international ingredients.

After living in Colombia, Germany, and several States in the US, Rocio appreciates a multi-cultural environment that supports small businesses, authentic intercultural relationships and the
sound of different languages when sitting at a restaurant.


Rocio is currently the Executive Director of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte and very excited to be part of
the CharlotteEast Board of Directors to serve in support of the growth and improvement of the area while maintaining its beautiful charm and cultural richness.

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