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Rexii Santos Wilson

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Rexii is a multidisciplinary artist, currently living in east Charlotte. He is a Micronesian artist best known for his use of collaged photoshop art. From fun happy characters to futuristic fantasy worlds, and to complex layers of digital art. His work is always evolving from one project to the next. Rexii has collaborated with large and small non profit businesses and groups. As well as other local artists, in music, murals, and as well as fashion. He was featured in Charlotte Is Creative, he was two time nominated to work with ArtPop Gallery's Fashion show where the local artist each designed a uniqued cut-and-sew pieces from recycled 14 feet x 48 feet piece billboards. He was selected to battle art with the top Queen City artist at Battle of the Arts 3, at the Vapa Center located downtown. His fashion and clothing line recognition earned him a retail spot inside Urban Outfitters at South Park Mall. 

"I was looking for an inspiration behind the art, and found myself volunteering along side with the East Side Charlotte Community. There I saw a symbolic mural on the side of a bakery shop called Manolo's on Central. After speaking with the owner himself, Manolo, he told me the meaning of the kids holding the kites. From that it gave me an idea of doing something for the youth. I enjoy creating futuristic fantasy world art that makes you look up and wonder about the sky. Having the inspiration to do this for the youth of East Charlotte perfectly complements my creativity."

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