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Rexii Santos Wilson

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Hi, my name is Rexii and I am an East Charlotte Polynesian/Micronesian tattoo artist, with an associates of science degree in Graphic Design. I am the owner of Pure CLTR Skate Shop located on east Independence Boulevard. My art style isn't particularly into one category, because it's always evolving into new forms of expression. Like the weather in Charlotte, one day I can design digital Rexii avatars, then print art on t-shirts, next day painting a mural, and the following day a tribal tattoo. Art to me is like Lebron James with basketball. It may take many late nights of shooting practice, or maybe switching to a different team to get that championship ring, haha.  Mostly it boils down to experimenting with your passion till you get the perfect shot. My art has inspiration from the grungy east coast vibes, to sharp scriptive west coast calligraphy, Polynesian/ Micronesian heritage, simple typography, and grainy poster designs. 

Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 1.15.16 PM.png

"I was looking for an inspiration behind the art, and found myself volunteering along side with the East Side Charlotte Community. There I saw a symbolic mural on the side of a bakery shop called Manolo's on Central. After speaking with the owner himself, Manolo, he told me the meaning of the kids holding the kites. From that it gave me an idea of doing something for the youth. I enjoy creating futuristic fantasy world art that makes you look up and wonder about the sky. Having the inspiration to do this for the youth of East Charlotte perfectly complements my creativity."

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