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United Neighborhoods


CharlotteEAST is pleased to serve as one of two community quarterbacks serving the Albemarle/Central corridor through the United Way of Greater Charlotte's United Neighborhoods initiative

In 2024, United Way will continue its investment of $4.9 million to its United Neighborhoods program serving neighborhoods across the City of Charlotte’s six Corridors of Opportunity, North Mecklenburg and United Neighborhoods’ original neighborhoods – Grier Heights, Lakeview and Renaissance West. Funding will support 74 nonprofit organizations that residents believe can best deliver the services needed to help achieve their vision for their neighborhoods.


Through United Neighborhoods, United Way is working alongside each neighborhood’s community quarterback, a lead organization that engages residents, builds local leadership and coordinates services among the funded nonprofits. United Way is pleased to announce the addition of CharlotteEAST as the second community quarterback serving the Albemarle/Central corridor in conjunction with ourBRIDGE for KIDS.


“United Neighborhoods’ financial support and management training will allow us to meet East Charlotte residents where they want to be met,” said Greg Asciutto, Executive Director of CharlotteEAST. “For a community that’s historically suffered from underinvestment and a lack of capacity-building opportunities, it’s a breath of fresh air to be granted the autonomy to address our most pressing issues and shape our own future.”


To understand the needs identified by all residents, United Way ensured materials were available in Spanish, and used translators during the grant deliberations in the Albemarle/Central, North Mecklenburg and Sugar Creek/I-85 corridors. (via 12.7.23 press release)

In 2024, CharlotteEAST will be supporting the following organizations, working to connect our residents to their services and programming:

Through United Neighborhoods, we are continuing our East Charlotte Utility Relief program in 2024. The application link and updated AMI requirements are available on our homepage.

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